Services and Maintenance

Your people and premises deserve the best protection, with systems that initiate as soon as fire is detected.

We offer regular servicing and maintenance, to keep your fire protection systems working at their most optimum level.  This will ensure that you have fire protection that is ready, the moment it may be needed.

Depending on your equipment, regular servicing and maintenance occurs either weekly, monthly, six monthly, annually or five yearly. Our customers are regularly informed of the status of their fire protection systems and equipment and are assured that with regular servicing of equipment, costs associated with repair work are kept to a minimum.

We service a range of fire protection systems including:

  • Automatic fire alarm and detection systems           
  • Emergency warning and intercom systems
  • portable fire extinguishers and blankets
  • Fire hose reels
  • Fire hydrants and booster cabinets

  • Fire pump sites (diesel and mechanic)
  • Automatic sprinkler systems
  • Fire and smoke door sets
  • Gaseous flooding systems
  • Emergency and exit lighting

Our service technicians have excellent technical skills and are fully trained in all brands of fire protection and lighting equipment. Whenever possible, specific staff are placed on sites to ensure familiarity with building specifications and a rapport with on-site personnel. With a commitment to providing the best service possible, our service technicians are known for providing regular servicing and maintenance with minimal disruption.


For further information, please contact our Services department:

T: (08) 9248 4824