Our Commitment

Safety Commitment

Westside Fire Services make safety, our number one priority. Recognizing that safety is a state of mind, we ensure every employee develops and maintains a responsible, self disciplined attitude to their own and others safety.

We practice:

  • Anticipating problems before they occur
  • Being alert and analyzing our working environment
  • A disciplined approach of taking responsibility for our actions 

We constantly monitor and evaluate procedures, equipment and operations to ensure our practices are the best methods currently available.

Our management team recognize their responsibility to provide a safe work place and systems. We ensure all our staff are provided with the required information, resources and training.

On completion of your job, you are left with the assurance that your safety was, and remains, our priority.

Environment Commitment

Westside Fire Services will take note of and implement the controls detailed in the relevant Standard Specifications listed to ensure its activities do not create an adverse impact on the environment. We take appropriate actions to protect air, water, animal and plant life from adverse effects of Westside Fire Service activities and to minimise any nuisance, which may arise from such operations, in accordance with all applicable laws and company environmental requirements. Westside Fire Services will ensure that personnel are trained and/or instructed to understand and comply with the project policy on environmental protection and that they act accordingly.