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Our new website!

18 June 2014

We are excited to finally announce the launch of our new website!

If you have a moment, we invite you to look around.  You will probably see that our main goal, was for you to get to know us.  You will notice in the photos, there are Westside employees, Westside projects and Westside offices.  Once you are looking around the site, you will be able to see just who we are and what we do.

As well as having a new look, we hope the new features in the website will make it easier for you to navigate.  As we strive to deliver a high standard at all times, we still have yet to complete the finishing touches.  In the next couple of months, there will be the new addition of the improved client portal.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated with when it will be launched, amongst other Westside news.

We are excited for our new website and we hope you enjoy it.  We value any feedback you might have and if so, you can leave us a comment at  If you experience any technical difficulties, please also email us at


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